• Q1.I bought a VoxTonePRO with only the voiceover artist speaking my script with no music. Now I wish to add my own music. How can I do this? Can you help me with this?

    Of course. We can do the editing work for you, if you wish to use your own music. Simply contact us at explaining what you need, with the subject heading "custom editing order". Once received, our editing staff will give you a quote within 48hrs.
  • Q2.I have received nothing, I have paid and have my order#. What do I do?

    First and foremost, please check your junk mail folder. High spam filters will grab our email at times and send it straight to your junk mail box. If your junk mail auto deletes, simply email us at with your order# & we will resend your order via email within 5 days of your purchase.
  • Q3.Can you call my cell phone or voicemail system and setup my VoxTonePRO to play as my greeting?

    No, we do not setup your voicemail systems, or IVR setups. We will send you both MP3 & WAV file formats of your VoxTonePRO directly to your specified email. From there on, you are free to use your VoxTonePRO with anything. We give you complete ownership of your content and files. You will pocess the raw files.
  • Q4.The voiceover artist did not pronounce a particular word in my script, how do I get this corrected?

    One of the major advantages to work through our platform is that we give you the ability to send notes to your voiceover talent selected. This message is directly delivered to your voiceover talent of choice and he/she, will read the instructions you have given in detail. If you choose not to use this feature via our order form, we will still try our best to correct any pronunciation issues that may arise. Simply contact customer support with your issue and someone from our support team will gladly contact you within 24-48 business hours.